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Introduce a user to Cashdo once and continue earning from them, forever without a cookies lifetime limit! 0,30$ - Registration payout 50% - Lifetime payout of the service income Cashdo is a company specializing in the service of online shopping, while emphasizing the application of advanced technologies and technical support with professional and efficient customer service. The company works in partnership with hundreds of leading shopping sites in the world that provide its customers with cashback for online shopping. Benefits of collaborating with the Cashdo site: -LIFETIME PAYMENT- 50% of the service income from each order of your customers / referrals (users who registered by your ref. Link). - 0.30$  for each confirmed registration (registration + email confirmation) of each user. -Technical support and personal support to our partners -Average profit of hundreds of shekels per year for each active user -Advanced technological solutions to maximize your profit -Over 300 stores in the store where you can place an order and receive a cashback (the number of stores increases daily) -Over 300 stores in the store where you can place an order and receive a cashback (the number of stores increases daily) -Dozens of Israeli stores for an Israeli audience -The possibility of withdrawing the fees to the PayPal account or to an Israeli bank account once you reach 50 shekels. -A quick update on receipt of the feedback by email -Android and iPhone application -A variety of bonuses for outstanding partners -Are you a partner with another Cashback site? Please contact us at support@cashdo.com and we will be happy to offer you the terms and conditions! Site users can earn up to 30% cashback for purchase on leading sites such as: Asos, eBay, Aliexpress, Booking.com, Hotels.com and many other sites. Cashdo's cashback service is completely free and users can receive up to 30% of the order value and even more. Join the affiliate program of the leading Israeli cashback site and start earning money! Additional tools: -A browser add-on (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) that reminds you to turn on the cashback and also alerts you if the ashback is not properly activated (protecting the cookies). -Useful tools on the site for additional traffic flow (shipping tracking, customs calculator, cashback calculator, zip code, post office location) -A check for missing cashback on the site Note that payment per registration or % can be modified by the advertiser depending on your traffic quality.    


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