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Garden supplies NEW - 6.56%

Tablets NEW - 2.19%

External storage NEW - 2.19%

Interior accessories NEW - 6.56%

Women's clothing NEW - 6.56%

Internal storage NEW - 2.19%

Computer peripherals new buyer (cashback & extension) - 3.23%

Computer peripherals NEW - 2.19%

Mobile phone NEW - 2.19%

Home audio& video equipment NEW - 2.19%

Tablets new buyer (cashback & extension) - 3.23%

Garden supplies new buyer (cashback & extension) - 9.79%

All other categories NEW - 5.13%

Home audio & video equipment new buyer (cashback & extension) - 3.23%

Desktop new buyer (cashback & extension) - 3.23%

Women's clothing new buyer (cashback & extension) - 9.79%

Internal storage new buyer (cashback & extension) - 3.23%

Laptop netbooks new buyer (cashback & extension) - 3.23%

Hot products NEW - 2.85%-65.55%

External storage new buyer (cashback & extension) - 3.23%

Interior accessories new buyer (cashback & extension) - 9.79%

Mobile phone new buyer (cashback & extension) - 3.23%

Laptop netbooks NEW - 2.19%

Desktop NEW - 2.19%

All other categories new buyer (cashback & extension) - 7.6%

Children's clothing NEW - 6.56%

Men's clothing NEW - 6.56%

Men's clothing new buyer (cashback & extension) - 9.79%

Mobile phone accessories new buyer (cashback & extension) - 9.79%

Mobile phone accessories NEW - 6.56%

Children's clothing new buyer (cashback & extension) - 9.79%

Electronics from special stores NEW - 0.71%

Тарифы / Условия:

Перед совершением покупок, ознакомьтесь, пожалуйста с правилами совершения покупок с кэшбэком.

Важно! Кэшбэк по заказам, оформленным в коммерческих целях (массовые заказы с целью перепродажи) может быть отклонен.

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Aliexpress IN offer soon will be disabled. Please join Aliexpress WW offer and change affiliate links on your ad spaces from Aliexpress IN to Aliexpress WW.  Aliexpress WW is a global offer which accepts traffic from all regions except RU & CIS. The commission for orders from the stores, which are included in this list, isn't paid for all types of publishers, regardless of the country of order’s delivery. Aliexpress is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the World, offering customers the lowest prices as well as the choice of more than 100 million products from 200,000 sellers, 20 most popular payment methods and shipping to more than 200 countries. Advantages for publishers: Confirmation percent more than 90% Global brand fame Global GEO Free/cheap shipping Accept all major payment cards All products are paid Advantages for users: More than 100 million products More than 200 thousand sellers Low prices Free shipping on almost all products to over 200 countries & regions More than 20 payment methods Buyer protection guarantees: Transactions protected until the customer confirm delivery 24/7 Help Center AliExpress Multi-Language Sites Rates Aliexpress WW affiliate program has the following rules for charging commission on orders with delivery to Ukraine and other countries, except CIS, for webmasters with the following types of traffic: cashback services, browser extensions, dropshipping services, affiliate networks: 1. Publishers working with the above-mentioned traffic sources will no longer receive commission for non-affiliate products. Moreover, orders with non-affiliate products won’t be displayed in the statistics. Recommendations on how to check the affiliation of products are given below in the program description. 2. Сashback services and browser extensions: commission rates for orders made by new buyers will increase for the following categories: Interior accessories new buyer (cashback/extensions) 10.30% Garden supplies new buyer (cashback/extensions) 10.30% Women’s clothing new buyer (cashback/extensions) 10.30% Men’s clothing new buyer (cashback/extensions) 10.30% Children’s clothing new buyer (cashback/extensions) 10.30% Mobile phone accessories new buyer (cashback/extensions) 10.30% All other categories new buyer (cashback/extensions) 8.00% Mobile phone new buyer (cashback/extensions) 3.40% Computer peripherals new buyer (cashback/extensions) 3.40% Tablets new buyer (cashback/extensions) 3.40% Desktop new buyer (cashback/extensions) 3.40% Laptop netbooks new buyer (cashback/extensions) 3.40% Home audio& video equipment new buyer (cashback/extensions) 3.40% External storage new buyer (cashback/extensions) 3.40% Internal storage new buyer (cashback/extensions) 3.40% *The purchase reward from a new user should not exceed $4 compared to the ordering rate of an old user. 3. Dropshipping sites: orders will be tracked only if the product was purchased via the affiliate link that led to this exact product page or to another product page in the same store. Increased commission for Hot products will be cancelled. 4. Subnetworks (a group of publishers working under your account): increased commission for Hot products will be cancelled. 5. All publishers, except dropshippers, who promote individual products will receive priority in attribution. 6. The commission for orders from the stores, which are included in this list, will be paid at a rate of 0.75% for all types of publishers. Please pay attention that the definition of the publisher traffic type will be based on traffic type and advertising space URL, that the publisher indicates when applying for a program. The publisher can be checked by AliExpress traffic control department within 3-5 days after approval of the application for cooperation with AliExpress WW program. The higher rates for Hot Products, as well as commission for non-affiliate products, won’t be available to the publisher during this period. If you want to work with the AliExpress affiliate program using one login for various traffic sources that might include cash-back, dropshipping services, or browser extensions, please contact our support team by creating a ticket, or inform your personal manager. The commission rules for other types of traffic: Traffic type Other traffic types Cashback services / browser extensions Dropshipping sites  Subnetworks Affiliate products rate  (new buyer) Standard commission 3.40%-8.00%-10.30% (the increase is capped at $4) Standard commission Standard commission Non - affiliate products rate Standard commission 0% 0% 0% Increased commission  for Hot products yes yes no no Attribution priority when promoting  individual products priority when promoting  individual products only orders from the store to which the affiliate link led priority when promoting individual products No commission is paid for non-affiliate goods from this list of shops from all countries regardless of the type of webmaster's traffic. The list is subject to update. For publishers with all traffic types (except dropshipping sites) for affiliated products and for publishers with other traffic types for non-affiliated products, the commission rates for all orders delivered to non-CIS are calculated at this rate: Category Rate Mobile phone 2,3% Computer peripherals 2,3% Tablets 2,3% Desktop 2,3% Laptop netbooks 2,3% Home audio& video equipment 2,3% External storage 2,3% Internal storage 2,3% Mobile phone accessories 6,9% Interior accessories 6,9% Garden supplies 6,9% Women's clothing 6,9% Men's clothing 6,9% Children's clothing 6,9% All other categories 5,4% Electronics from special stores** 0,75% Special category* 0% *all virtual products covered by special category, travel and coupon services or books are NOT subject to commission. Such virtual products include but not limited to gift cards and coupons. AliExpress reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to determine whether a product is regarded as a virtual product for the purpose of calculating commission. ** AliExpress made a decision to change the commission rates for orders made at the stores from this list. The commission for such orders is 0.75%. This list includes stores that sell electronics from such brands as Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, UMIDIGI, Meizu, OnePlus, Lenovo and other stores. AliExpress has the right to edit this list of stores. Please pay attention that some products in the above-mentioned stores are non-affiliate and AliExpress doesn't pay out commision for such products.  The commission for orders from CHUWI Global - Flagship Store is 1.5%. Hot Products: The tool now already has more than 230 000 goods and this number continues to grow. Each product in Hot Products has its own affiliate link, which you should place on your ad space. If a user follows the link and buys this particular product, you will get an increased reward. You can find the Hot Products feed here.  Please be informed that the attribution rule for Hot Products has been changed. You can find the new attribution rule for Hot Products here. For more information on Hot Products tool, please see help center. Recommendations on how to make the links to affiliate products: Use the main affiliate link from AliExpress WW Affiliate program in your account. The main affiliate link leads to AliExpress homepage (best.aliexpress.com), which contains only affiliate products. If you promote the certain products, you can check if the products are affiliated in Link Checker Tool in your Admitad account. You need to create a deeplink to the required product page and paste it to Link Checker. If the product is not affiliated, you will see the warning. Moreover, you can use our API to check the affiliation of the products. This check consists of 2 steps: The user checks the direct link to the product. The publisher needs to make an affiliate link from the direct link via the Deeplink generator: https://account.admitad.com/gb/developers/doc/api_en/methods/deeplink/deeplink/ Check the affiliate link using Checking link method: https://account.admitad.com/gb/developers/doc/api_en/methods/links/links/ . If the link leads to an affiliate product, API will return the answer " Link is valid". If the link leads to a non-affiliate product, the API will return the answer " Attention! This product is non-affiliated". Moreover, you can use the links from Product Feeds. Product Feeds include only affiliate products. Please kindly be notified that AliExpress strategies and/or rules for all browser plug-ins, add-ons, extensions or other similar forms were adjusted: For all countries all browsers plug-ins, add-ons, extensions or other similar forms  that make changes on or interfere with the webpages of AliExpress Platform or provide any instructions to visitors on the webpage of AliExpress Platform, shall not be allowed, which includes, without limitation, in the forms of any pop-ups, pushes, notifications.Only the notifications inside the plugin icon (see photo) are allowed. Please be noted cookie stuffing is also prohibited. Please be noted cookie stuffing is also not allowed. Please pay attention that the Advertiser has the right to deduct the commission paid for fraudulent orders, including orders that have been approved earlier - this is called Antispam Deduction in the account balance history. List of banned keywords for contextual advertising. Download Guide - How to earn with AliExpress Useful tools Admitad bot for Telegram - is a bot for Telegam that helps you receive and check affiliate links using a phone or other device. Install Admitad Extension - is an extension for creating and getting coupons right on the advertiser’s website. Install


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